Final Expense Insurance

Published November 15th, 2022 by Timothy McGuire

Final Expense Insurance

Book by Kirk G Meyer

Final Expense Insurance is a brief ebooklet that has a short history of life insurance, the insurance industry, the components of an insurance policy, and finally, a brief explanation of final expense insurance or, as it also commonly known, burial insurance. This ebooklet answers some of the more common questions surrounding this niche of life insurance, while not for everyone, it does provide a much needed added value to those who decide to purchase it. These policies are smaller than your traditional life insurance policies and have lower death benefits. These policies are typically also whole life or permanent life insurance policies meaning they will last for the lifetime of the insured provided the premiums are paid. While not as complicated as some other form of life insurance, final expense life insurance is unique as it can serve a vital role in someone’s estate planning. Get Final Expense Insurance to help you better understand this particular type of life insurance.

Customer reviews

Mar 25, 2017
Very informative, good ideas and how to get around selling final expenses insurance. I will recommended for all new agents.
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