Dental Plans

Dental Plans

Dental health is a vital component of your overall well-being.  Tooth decay can be a contributing factor in a number of ailments, from gingivitis to heart attacks.  It's crucial you don't shortchange  your teeth - or your health - by opting out of viable dental coverage.  We have a couple of plans available to match you with the quality dental care you deserve.  

Why purchasing dental insurance is a good idea:

  • Preventive benefits ensure that problems are found early. Regular dental exams and cleanings are critical to identify issues before they require major, costly procedures. If tooth decay goes unnoticed and untreated, you could be spending a lot of money for a root canal down the road. Most dental plans cover preventive visits at little or no additional cost.
  • You’re protected from financial risk. Even with proper preventive care, sometimes major dental health issues arise. You have insurance against risk for your health, your car, and your home — don’t forget about your mouth.
  • The best rates possible are available to plan members. Dentists who belong to Florida Blue’s network have a contract with us to provide you with services at a set fee. That means your out-of-pocket cost is less than if you were to walk in for treatment.
  • Dental health can affect your overall health. Researchers continue to identify links between oral and overall health. Problems of the mouth can lead to harmful levels of bacteria that worsen medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease if it enters the bloodstream.

HMO Dental Health Plans & Insurance can provide very cost effective coverage.  The HMO requires the use of an in-network dentist in order for the plan to pay for the services. 

A Preferred Provider Organization dental plan combines great rates with flexibility. 

One of the primary benefits of a PPO Dental Plan is the flexibility it offers.  Like a HMO plan, a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) has a network of dental providers. However, a PPO plan offers more options.  PPO networks tend to be broader, providing more options to find a dentist that fits your needs.

Dentists in a PPO network contract with the PPO for set prices for services.  Often preventative services such as cleanings are 100% covered.  You will be responsible for co-insurance costs and deductibles.

Some PPO plans allow for out-of-network visits.  However, the co-insurance and deductible amounts for these visits are generally significantly higher than visiting an in-network provider.

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