Accident Insurance for Children: Why It’s Needed

Published August 25th, 2021 by Elliot Glass Insurance

If you thought about providing financial security for your children in case, they are seriously injured in any type of accident? These days you can never be too safe.   The possibility of an accident putting your child in a wheelchair for life, is not one that any parent likes or wants to think about.  Not thinking about the possibility does not take that chance away though.

Parents need to recognize and accept that it is necessary to insure their children against accidents. So, God forbid in the event of anything happening to their son or daughter, at least there will be minimal or no financial hardship.  What’s important is that their child’s financial needs are provided and protected.   

Health insurance for children is normally included in family health insurance policies and is obviously worthwhile. Is that enough? Health insurance for children covers illnesses and broken bones, but it rarely covers everything that may happen to a child.

For example, your family health insurance policy cover may not include accidents on school field trips, car accidents with drivers who are not insured, mental health issues and death.  Health care insurance policies don’t pay out if the insured person is killed.  

What are some benefits of having an accident insurance policy?

  • Assists in paying medical, deductibles and out of pocket expenses that occur from an accident.  This includes medical exams, therapy, doctor visits, transportation, lodging and much more.  
  • It covers against accidental death or permanent total disability caused by an accident.
  • Pays cash directly to you if admitted to the hospital.
  • Pays cash directly to you if confined to a regular hospital bed.
  • Pays cash directly to you if confined to a bed in ICU (Intensive Care Unit).
  • Pays cash directly to you for injuries caused by an accident.

An increasing number of parents keep asking insurance companies about insurance for children to cover these and other eventualities.   Ask me about the different policies available and their costs.  The costs are low because the risk is a low.  Insuring against that low risk means a world of difference to your son or daughter.

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