Business Funding Solutions

Business Funding Solutions

The truth is when a business comes across sudden financial issues, it is particularly important to handle it as soon as possible. Arranging funds on short notice is not easy, you attempt to figure out your options. Once you realize that you no longer have the option to borrow money from friends and family, where do you turn to since you are left with not many viable options?

We are genuinely concerned for the welfare of small business owners for several reasons today. It is exceedingly difficult for businesses to secure funding when needed due to the current state of the economy. The banks and other financial companies are not lending to small businesses and have tightened up their lending criteria. The government is also targeting business owners with financial burdens.

There are so many aspects to know about business loans before going through the loan process. Whether you borrow from a bank, a financial center, or a payday loan facility there will always be fees. What matters most is the amount you will be paying.

We Get You Business Capital For:

  • Growth And Business Expansion
  • Maintaining Cash Flow
  • Payment Of Taxes
  • Meeting Payroll Needs
  • Purchasing New Equipment
  • Marketing – Advertising – Public Relations
  • Any Emergencies That May Arise
  • Anything You Want / Any Business Reason Whatsoever

Why Choose Us for Your Business Lending Needs?

  • Quick Turn-Around Times
  • Quick Funding
  • Simple 1 Page Application
  • No Application Fees
  • Have A Strong Relationship With 30+ Lenders
  • Bank Turndowns OK
  • Bad Credit OK
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Brokering Loans Since 2017
Type of AssistanceAmountDuration of AssistanceMinimum FICO Score
Small Business Loans10k to 5 million6 months to 10 yearsNo minimum FICO Score - Quick Funding
Business LIne of Credit10k to 5 million6 months to 10 yearsNo minimum FICO Score - Quick Funding
Equipment Financing & Purchase Orders10k to 5 million1 year to 5 yearsNo minimum FICO Score, 2 to 5 day funding
SBA Loans50k to 5 million10 years to 25 yearsNo cost advisor - 45 day funding
Accounts Receivable Financing10k to 5 million6 months to 10 yearsNo minimum FICO Score, 2 to 5 day funding

Merchant Cash Advances

  • 10k to 5 million
  • Flexible Terms Available
  • No minimum FICO Score - Quick Funding

Asset Based Loans

  • 10k to 5 million
  • 1 year to 5 years
  • No minimum FICO Score, Quick Funding

Franchise Financing

  • 10k to 5 million
  • 6 months to 10 years
  • No minimum FICO Score, 2-to-7-day funding

Fix and Flip Loans

  • Up to 100% Purchase Fund
  • Rates start @ 8%
  • Minimum FICO Score of 650 Require

Start Up Funding

  • 10k to 5 million
  • 1 year to 5 years
  • No minimum FICO Score

Credit Card Processing

  • No Switching Costs
  • Low Rates Available 
  • 1 Page Statement 
  • 20-30% Savings on Fees 
  • FREE Cost Saving Analysis
  • Quick Funding

Financing Available For High-Risk Industries

  • Cannabis
  • Construction
  • Professional Services 
  • Transportation
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Distribution & Wholesalers 

We are committed to offering a quick and easy loan process to our clients, allowing you to focus on running your business worry-free. Our goal is to create instant working capital quickly for your business so that you can take advantage and pursue new business opportunities in real-time, react to changing industry trends and give you the safety and comfort of knowing that if an emergency or crisis arise you have access to adequate cash flow.


DISCLAIMER: I am not a loan officer. I work with a large broker network and my commission doesn't change your loan at all. Bottom line is that because I am in the middle, it doesn't make your loan options better or worse. You have the best chance to get approved by going through me.