Assure For Life: Funeral Assistance Plan

Assure For Life: Funeral Assistance Plan

ASSURE FOR LIFE gives you peace of mind, even in the most difficult times. We provide funeral services for you and your family in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean, because we know that during a loss, you need to cope with grief and take the time to be with your loved ones.

Benefits With Each Membership to Ensure Your Peace of Mind Includes:

  • Funeral or cremation service and transfer of the deceased to the local funeral home, cemetery or crematorium.
  • Body preparation.
  • Visitation room (for the basic time of each funeral home that provides the service) or home visitation team according to the use and custom of the locality.
  • In the event that the client chooses cremation, the funeral home selects the crematorium for the preparation and final disposition of the deceased.
  • Remembrance package.
  • Standard Urn (according to country regulations).
  • Final destination in accordance with the legal provisions of the country selected – lot or vault. Services and adaptation rights if the lot or vault is owned by the holder.
  • Legal and Civil Procedures: Consulate, Public Health License, Death Certificate.
  • Air ticket for the plan holder in economy class subject to airline’s availability from the United States (round trip) with the sole purpose of accompanying his/her beneficiary in the funeral process.
  • FREE Legal Will (Valued at $350)

How Does It Differ From Life Insurance?

  • Undocumented Family and Friends - APPROVED
  • No Social Security # - APPROVED
  • Do you want a funeral in your Country of Origin? - APPROVED
  • Medical Conditions? NO UNDERWRITING - APPROVED
  • Incarcerated Family and Friends - APPROVED
  • Denied coverage? - APPROVED
  • Suicide is covered - APPROVED
  • Auto-Immune Disorder? - APPROVED

Three Funeral Membership Plans Available:


$25 per month

Small Family (2 people)

 $40 per month

Big Family (Up to 7 people)

$75 per month